Creative Coding Sydney #1

Creative Technology Sydney
Creative Technology Sydney
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Suite 5, 30 Boronia St · Redfern

How to find us

Head straight up the stairs

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*Talks will start at 6:30pm!*

What is Creative Coding Sydney?

This meetup was created to showcase all the interesting, weird and/or wonderful work that is happening in Sydney. If you're looking for practical advice, best practices and thought leadership to take back to the office, this is not the meetup for you :)


• Untitled Louis Foster

Using design/art creative techniques to visualise and formulate ideas, then treating the browser like paper and code like a pencil.

• Minority languages and modern operating systems Brendan Molloy

Brendan has been working on projects to support the use of minority and indigenous languages on modern operating systems (both desktop and mobile) for a couple of years. This talk will cover the amusement found when attempting to get custom keyboards to work on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, and all the weirdness this type of project will confront you with.

• Collective source of truth: a forgetting machine Isabel Brison

Far away and long ago, Isabel was an artist learning to code. One day she built a small monstrosity: a program that takes a text and randomly erases some of its words. This is the story of that program and how it came to be.

• Sun City Ewe Lin Loo, aspiring web developer

Ewe Lin will be presenting 'Sun City', a generative artwork that demonstrates how anyone can use Processing to step into creative coding.

Request for Speakers

Have you built something recently that you would like to show off? Talk about it! Ideas:

• Labs / sketches

• Art pieces using code

• Projects that solve unconventional problems

• Approaches / projects that solve conventional problems in a novel way

• Projects that don't attempt to solve problems at all

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