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maker, hacker, tech, shop, shared spaces.. building together with other creative people is inspiring, it can bring communities together, give students access to emerging technologies, hobbyists can get their hands on bigger/better tools, and ideas can grow into a business with much less start up capital. Sharing an industrial space to cut down on the costs is just smart but I'm excited to form relationships and collaborate on external projects to help pay the bills, I'm positive something great and unexpected will form, how exciting is that? hopefully this space (after it is a space) becomes a incubator for endless unique startups. The main thing with a F/T job, we want to always be learning new tools and techniques, we also want to do something different everyday, we've been very lucky with great experiences, but.. well, now we want to set our own hours too damn it! and we want to be in a better place then our day jobs afford.

A dream for sure, you should be dreaming too.. we're looking for other hobbyist, people looking to prototype their invention or students interested in workshops and people who want to teach those workshops, crafters, volunteers, startups looking for small production runs, maybe you run a successful _______ in your garage and just need a bigger space for _______ ? ..separate from everything else? its all possible.

I'm Ryan, starting a space like this is a major goal of mine and why I'm here on meetup, I've met a handful of people throughout my career who share this dream and I'm calling them out, let's make this happen! I'm good at making things and quick to troubleshoot when problems arise in fabrication, I'm patient and love sharing techniques, material and tool use but I'm clueless about the business side of this venture. That being said, I know your out there with the complementary skills needed to make this happen, and then some. this group has been started to see who and how many people in the area are interested, then explore where it takes us collectively. I only need one or two other people for a 1500sf place, but that would become very limiting if interest grew and suddenly 15000sf became not only attainable but necessary. the bigger we are the more resources we all get access to.

what might we do? prop making, set building, sculpture, walkabout costumes, jewelry, leather work, wood working, metal casting, welding, knife making, blacksmithing, tube bending, vacuum-forming, mold making and casting, tiny-house building, cnc and laser cutting, 3D printing, electronics, robotics, ham radio, ceramics, sewing, crafting, making, building, DIY everything, programming, video editing, film making, what ever we missed yes, that too. Come show us how and lead that department.

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