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Cambridge Crypto Investors and ICOs
• What we'll do We will introduce ourselves, and tell what aspect of cryptos we are interested in. If you have an ICO or Startup in blockchain or crypto assets, you can give a 5 to 10 minute talk about it. If applicable there can be a presentation for beginner/intermediate members. One focus is on good cryptos for investments, another is ICO strategies & brainstorming. If the waiting list gets long we will overflow to the 730 Tavern down the street near cantab. • Important to know If there are too many for the conference room, the overflow can go to the 730 tavern

Eastern Bank

647 Massachusetts Ave · Cambridge, MA

What we're about

Cryptocurrency investing, ICO Networking, Education, Networking

This is a organization for sharing Cryptocurrency investing ideas, analysis and networking for ICOs, and education for beginners, intermediates and experts. Blockchain technology has the potential to take over major market share from banks, financial institutions, gov't and many many other areas. Major focus areas are the following:

ICOs: networking, strategy, research and development.

Blockchain & Crypto Startups, Mining

Ideas for investing:

• Buy setups on major established coins

• What smaller coins have the characteristics for price to pop up? i.e: Great technologies, teams, communities & network effects, leadership, social media and are primed to go on more exchanges.

• What ICOs are most likely to succeed, base on the same criteria above,

• What stocks in the regular market are truly blockchain based and so will grow with the market growth of Blockchain applications

Education: for beginners, intermediate and advanced aspiring Cryptonaires & blockchaingang members

Evolution: of Crypto Coins, software technologies, applications and technologies

We have various experts who will give talks. This is your group, please suggest topics and events. Feel free to email the organizer if you have ideas or ideas for events.

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