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Waves For Your Business: Smart Contracts & Loyalty Programs
Waves has activated smart contracts on the main net in September 2018 and launched smart assets on the test net in November 2018. The first stage is non-turing complete contracts - Smart Accounts and Smart Assets. Now the questions is how you or your business can benefit from using Waves Blockchain. Come to find out. Introducing Waves - fastest and friendliest blockchain to date. We will be doing an Airdrop (distribution) of tokens to your wallet, please install Waves Wallet and fill out the form at Agenda: 1. What is Blockchain? 2. Waves platform (Wallet, DEX, Tokens, Gateways) 3. Leased Proof-of-Stake protocol, mining 4. Waves vs Ethereum. 5. News: Ledger Nano integration, Bug Bounty program, Nodes community program, ERC 20 tokens 6. Smart Contracts 7. Smart accounts 8. Multisignature wallets, Atomic swaps, Token Freezes, Whitelist Voting 9. Business Use case: Loyalty program 10. Waves community and programs Pizza Drinks and Snacks will be served. FREE ENTRY. Welcome to the Crypto Bay Meetup! Claim your 10 THAT COINS (THAT). This is how: • Get your Waves Wallet • Join Our Telegram Group • Send an email to [masked] with your wallet address and Telegram username • Learn how to earn more THAT • Spend your THAT at That Channel and Crypto Bay Meetup Watch previous meetups on Youtube Join Our Facebook Group Join Our Meetup Dedicated to WAVES Blockchain Phone[masked] for entry. Cover: FREE Studio

600 Bay Street, Suite 510 · Toronto, ON

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The only meetup where you can earn cryptocurrency. Learn how at (!

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency meetup at studio, 600 Bay Street, Suite 510, Toronto.

Our mission is:

1. To educate everyone in our community of members about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through networking and by bringing industry experts and players in to speak about their projects and knowledge. More than just talking, we will guide our members to using cryptocurrency in practical, every day applications, and inspire people how to augment their businesses and projects via blockchains.

2. To spread the acceptance of crypto and blockchain technology so that practical day-to-day use is widespread, thereby helping more and more people, businesses, and organizations to benefit from its use.

3. To implement our own token/currency/blockchain project(s) to achieve the above and benefit all members and potential members of this meetup. We will announce on this meetup when we will reward members with coins depending on their participation and contribution. Early adopters benefit more.

We are a community interested in an exchange of all things Crypto. In the Information Age knowledge sharing is essential, here at Crypto Bay we are doing just that! Every week we are hosting speakers on finance and technology, and our guests are represented on various social media platforms. All members are encouraged to participate.

Crypto Bay: a Bitcoin Meetup that COMES TO LIFE with live musicians, complementary drink with admission, food, great people, your questions and interviews recorded and streaming LIVE TO THE WORLD from the Television Studio at Yonge and Bay. Learn, do, contribute and make change.

On Day One, a comment from “Wes” said it all: “Hello there, I would be interested to hear about crypto currencies, tokens and coins, ICO, miners, and how regular people can benefit from it”, and Ray added, “What are you doing with Blockchain tech in TO”?

We are regular people, getting together to interpret the many complex questions of this “Brave New Blockchain World” suddenly being adopted by “everybody” it seems. This public awakening comes after seven years of insider development by programmers and early winners like Vitalik Buterin – all from TO, inventing and bringing Ethereum and Blockchain to the World.

Crypto Bay will bring on these experts with subjects like “Reaction to potential War with North Korea”: Not being pegged, or controlled by any centralized force, Bitcoin was totally unaffected by the news.

The World is changing, affecting everybody’s lives, from the birth of “Smart Contracts” to new entities like “ICO’s”, Equity Tokens replacing “IPO’s” and the Stock Market. Looking for answers as to “How could Filecoin have raised $200 million in just 60 minutes?” And “What is the Securities Commission impact?” Can WE, regular people, issue ICO’s? Then, there are the dozens of “Trading Platforms” using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or inventing their own. It is by getting together, comparing wins and losses, that we will develop personal financial growth. At Crypto Bay, our growth, our debate, our knowledge will be Live-Streamed Worldwide for all to see and learn, as we guide each other through our Crypto-Journey.

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