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How To Build Apps On The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Blockchain
You are welcome to join this event and learn what it takes to build an app on bitcoin cash. If you have an idea of what you would like to build on the BCH blockchain, but have little or no prior experience with programming, then this event is for you.

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FREE Blockchain App Development Workshop

Come along to our workshop and learn how to build an app on a blockchain.

Blockchain is a disruptive technology that has been changing the world as we know it for the better.

The main goal of a decentralized system is to be able to function securely without a central point of control, essentially giving everybody the opportunity to take control of their own resources.

As we step forward into the future, the importance of open source and censorship resistance is paramount.

Blockchain based business is the future, this is because nobody wants a centralized controlling party with the ability to dictate to and censor the masses.

App development on Blockchains are now easier than ever with the use of things like BITBOX.

BITBOX is incredibly powerful and intuitive which lets developers build world class applications quickly.

It’s built with modern web tech which is familiar to developers all over the world.

In order to use BITBOX, you should have some basic HTML, CSS and Javascript skills. These technologies are cornerstones of the Modern Web and at the core of BITBOX

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