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Cluj HUB is located in Central Commercial Center, 22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street, 3rd Floor. Once you arrive at 3rd floor, the guys from reception will guide to the meetup area.

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Join us on July 5th, from 18:00, at, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for our FREE event about Zilliqa's Ecosystem Grant Programme Projects. Check here Zilliqa's offcial post >

This time is going to be a workshop with focus on the detailed proposal that needs to be sent to Zilliqa in order to apply for one or more projects from their grant programme. A detailed proposal document, ~1 page for grant amounts up to USD 20K and ~4 pages otherwise, needs to be sent and should contain the following "chapters":

1. Objective;
2. Solution with diagrams to illustrate the design;
3. Technology and programming languages to be used;
4. Team profile and track record;
5. Detailed budget breakdown;
6. Milestones, deliverables and timelines

There is a high interest on grant programmes from members and Zilliqa stands out with a very clear and comprehensive list of projects that they would need to be developed on their platform. They aim to support and encourage great individuals/teams around the world to start developing tools, libraries and Dapps on top of Zilliqa's platform.

We have already started to discuss on our Discord server about Zilliqa's Tools and Libraries and a short list of potential projects that could be on our interest emerged, as follows:

* A browser extension to integrate with Zilliqa wallets (similar with MetaMask or NEX)
* Block explorer
* Web wallet, desktop/mobile wallet

We also used a work breakdown structure and applied MoSCoW prioritization rule for Zilliqa's Mobile Wallet (iOS) in order to have one big picture over one of the projects and be able to extract the MVP. It has been used as an exercise or educative piece of content. It could be reused or reiterated for any of the above projects.

Check here the status at 28th of June, 2018. Bear in mind that this is a living document, therefore as messy as it looks after our first iteration, it might already become a pretty good piece of content. 😎

AS A NOTE: As I'm writing here, there is no final decision which project is going to be tackled. However, we aim to focus on solving real customer problems, having a customer centric approach and make this technology usable by ordinary people. Therefore, from a customer centric perspective it might make more sense to focus on wallets or extension.

We truly believe that this is going to be a very good opportunity to work together on something unique and learn so many new things. We have the right skills and the right mindset to do it, which is amazing! We started to build an open community which is not far from becoming a decentralized autonomous organization. We just need to believe and be hands on.

IMPORTANT‼ Bear in mind that this approach doesn't guarantee in any way our participation in the programme. The final decision is at the full discretion of the Zilliqa team.

See you there!