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Talk to the People: Customer Interviews for Content Strategists

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Elena M. and Brian E. K.


with Kerry-Ann Gilowey

Doors: 6 pm | Presentation: 7pm

We can pore over detailed web analytics, review demographic charts, and devise colorful personas to guide our work, but until we’ve actually spoken to our customers — preferably face-to-face — we won’t truly understand their needs.

Interviewing customers requires a balance of empathy and objectivity. Learn how to ask the right questions, interpret the answers, and consequently create more effective content.

Explore how we can use interviews to get an understanding of the journey that our customers take with us, and how we can shape content to suit their emotional and mental states along the way. Hear ideas on how to get the most out of interview sessions: what questions to ask, what questions not to ask, what to listen for, and how to deal with tricky topics. Learn how to analyze the information our customers give us, and how to use it to create better content. About the Speaker

Kerry-Anne Gilowey is an independent content strategy consultant based in Cape Town, South Africa. Her recent international contributions to the discipline have included bringing Content Strategy Forum 2012 to Cape Town and speaking at Confab London in the U.K. and IA Summit in the U.S.

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