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Content Strategy: What's In It for You?

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Elena M. and Brian E. K.


CS-NYC is pleased to welcome brand and content strategy consultant Margot Bloomstein to New York City. Margot is based in Boston, where she co-hosts the content strategy meetup.

Margot's presentation will be particularly informative for user experience designers, project managers, business analysts, web strategists, and all others who collaborate with content specialists on interactive design and development projects.

This event has an admission charge of $10.00 to offset expenses. It will be held in midtown Manhattan—exact location to be announced to registered attendees before the event.


When you're shaping a user experience, what tune do you sing—typography? Interaction affordances? Taxonomy? Keyword enrichment? Whatever your area of focus, content strategy can help you more clearly understand your client's needs, articulate your approach, and align your tactical decisions with an overall brand-driven, user-centered message architecture.

Drawing cues from this year's heightened focus on content strategy, Margot Bloomstein will address how content strategy differs from just copywriting and how you can incorporate insights from this aspect of interaction design into your next project. Discover how the questions a content strategist brings to the table can enrich your deliverables, learn how your collaboration can benefit your end users, and discuss ways to reframe the RFP to upsell content strategy in your next pitch and bring a new partner into the project. If you're a designer, IA, search engine marketer, or any type of social media or web strategy consultant, learn how insight to content strategy can rock your work from a new angle.


Margot Bloomstein ( is a brand and content strategy consultant based in Boston. She crafts brand-appropriate user experiences to help retailers, universities, software companies, non-profits, and other clients engage their target audiences and project key messages with consistency and clarity. A participant in the inaugural Content Strategy Consortium (, she authored the August 2009 article in A List Apart ( on making the case for content strategy and speaks regularly on the evolution of content strategy within interactive agencies.
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111 Eighth Avenue · New York, NY
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We'll be in a conference room near the front entrance.

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