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Group Name: CSR/Sustainability Meetup Worldwide

Our post COVID working environment is transforming not only the corporate world, but the entire context for public-private cooperation. Some of us were already exploring this policy space in a CSR group initially founded ten years ago by Michael Hopkins at the University of Geneva. Our objective was to promote intellectual exchange of ideas and good practice between top professionals drawn from academia, the UN, private industry, NGO's and social enterprises. The group's scope has gradually widened from its Geneva origins to Meetup groups around the world numbering around 10,000 members. Today, the Meetups work with hubs such as CSRFi (https://www.csrfi.com (https://www.csrfi.com/) ), Globethics ( http://www.globethics.net/ ), IICSR in India https://www.iicsr.com/ , selected Universities in Kenya and South Africa.

We meet virtually every two weeks on a Wednesday (1230pm New York, 1730 London, 1830 Geneva, 2030 Nairobi, 2300 Mumbai/New Delhi check out https://www.meetup.com/csr-sustainability-meetup-worldwide/ ). Although we are always interested in new ideas, our focus has generally been on the wider interpretation of CSR promoted by Michael Hopkins in his various books (see photo below), essentially definition of CSR is about treating corporate stakeholders responsibly, with how business fits into, and affects, society and vice versa. Michael also terms `corporate' mean almost any collection of people and institutions. So both public and private entities are included. CSR is also considered to be community-based philanthropy, especially emanating from India. But today most companies look at all their key stakeholders and associated industries. Thus the hundreds of Meetups over the past decade have covered, inter alia:

-The relation between governance, the private sector and basic income (Michael Hopkins)

-Sustainable development in the New World (former President of Mauritius)

-Ghandian principles and the multi-stakeholder view of society (Prof. From India)

-CSR in South Africa and its progress to multi-sectors of the economy

-Global Climate Catastrophe and the private sector (Ed Milner former BBC producer)

-Human Rights in Business with focus on Ruggie principles (Mary Mayenfisch, lawyer, Switzerland and former Head of Pepperdine University, Lausanne)

Our group is broad, informal, open and welcoming, seeking to include professionals from the international community, from both public and the private sector, as well as community members interested in sustainable economic and social development. We get together to listen to a top level speaker and then share our ideas about sustainability/CSR and network among an informed group.

Speakers are introduced by our moderator, Gilles Bach of Globethics and Michael Hopkins, Founder. The speech is 20-30 minutes with or without slides, followed by 30-60 minutes of Q and A.

All recent sessions have been recorded for instance the one by Ed Milner can be found on https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/bgYLNJukykACgOjC0-MaXNkq-Y2g_6ZlHo5Y2Q_YFH79HxKRvGuXIOwM4roHbFtM.JTY3Qu4o8CjR5D2w?startTime=1609954783000 (https://deref-gmx.net/mail/client/FiHFhxLdsp4/dereferrer/?redirectUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fus02web.zoom.us%2Frec%2Fshare%2FbgYLNJukykACgOjC0-MaXNkq-Y2g_6ZlHo5Y2Q_YFH79HxKRvGuXIOwM4roHbFtM.JTY3Qu4o8CjR5D2w%3FstartTime%3D1609954783000)

Access Passcode: ix7uDNP&

Michael Hopkins, Nairobi, January 2021

This group is for sustainability/CSR professionals from the UN, government, international NGOs and the private sector, as well as community members interested in sustainable economic and social development. We get together to listen to a top level speaker and then share our ideas about sustainability/CSR and network among an informed group. The CSR Meetup is held every two weeks on Wednesday evenings 6.30 (Geneva CET time) currently via ZOOM. Soon we hope to get back to regular face-to-face meetings but shall keep the link to Zoom. We sometimes make a small charge for drinks and tapas depending on where held since CSRFi (https://www.csrfi.com/), Globethics (http://www.globethics.net/), IICSR sponsor our locations on occasions.


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CSR/Sustainability Meetup Worldwide

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Topic: Challenges of Business Ethics in the Chinese Context

Special time at 1pm Geneva/CEST Time for this session live with Asia

Prof. Dr. Stephan Rothlin is director of the Macau Ricci Institute at the University of St. Joseph, Macau. His teaching and research interests are
focused on international business ethics and responsible entrepreneurship with a focus on China.

He is also CEO of the CSR Consulting firm Rothlin Ltd., Beijing & Hong Kong, and provides educational consulting services to encourage the practice of corporate social responsibility, and advocates amongst business communities and society at large the values of honesty, integrity, respect, transparency and responsibility as indispensable elements for excellence in business.

The link for the webinar is the following:
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We are looking forward to seeing you online!

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CSR/Sustainability Meetup Worldwide

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