Franks Styleguide Christmas Party


Dear fellow CSSers,

Christmas is near and what could be better to get into the right mood than than a cozy and informative CSS Frankfurt meetup @ Triplesense Reply :)

This days topic will be Styleguides. Or Pattern libraries? ... Living Style Guides, errr ... Design Systems? You name it. Many names, many views, much to talk about.

After a general introduction-talk to the topic we would like to discuss and share our experiences with styleguides and style guide systems.

What styleguide systems are there and what are your experiences with them? How would you define styleguides or pattern libraries? What was it like working with them, what do you expect from them?

✨Call for Design Systems ✨

Present your favorite system! If you like, present your favorite System to the group in a few slides.

And then,

we'd also like to do "IT-Stuff-Schrottwichteln", bring your old IT Book, Conference-Gadgets, put it in the bag and with a little luck you may get something back you might actually want to keep ;)

Looking forward to seeing you again :)

Little schedule:

19:30 Open Doors, Socializing
19:50 Collect your Schrott for Schrottwichteln
20:00 Best Practices In Voice Design by Dan Fitzpatrick
20:20 Crafting Robust Design Systems with Storybook and Angular - A Short Introduction by Andreas Wissel
20:40 Discussions & your short presentations? More socializing :)

Later at an appropriate time, Schrottwichteln! :)

See you soon!