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Book Discussion "Accidental Gods" by Anna Della Subin

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Book Discussion "Accidental Gods" by Anna Della Subin


Our book for December is Accidental Gods: On Men Unwittingly Turned Divine by Anna Della Subin.

From Amazon:
A provocative history of men who were worshipped as gods that illuminates the connection between power and religion and the role of divinity in a secular age
In a revelatory history spanning five centuries, a cast of surprising deities helps to shed light on the thorny questions of how our modern concept of “religion” was invented; why religion and politics are perpetually entangled in our supposedly secular age; and how the power to call someone divine has been used and abused by both oppressors and the oppressed.
“Subin doesn't cover Q-Anon or January 6, but reading her account of the global and historical power of the irrational, I became more and more convinced I might be reading the year's most relevant book about American politics.” – Tom Scocca, Air Mail

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