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^H Weekly Work Party 2023!

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Jon H.
^H Weekly Work Party 2023!


Yo, hackers and makers! Time to reboot our Hackerspace with the first in-person event series since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020: It's time for the weekly Work Party! During the pandemic, we've been hosting virtual events, but now we're bringing the community back together IRL.

Let's squad up and level up our community space, tackling tasks and projects to make our Hackerspace the ultimate creative hub. No matter your skillz or XP, we're all about your energy and willingness to chip in. Whether you're flexin' your hacker skills or just vibing in the back lot to support the crew, you make a difference!

The Work Party goes down every Saturday from 12pm to 5pm, starting on April 29, 2023. It's a prime chance to chill and reconnect with your fellow hackers and makers.

Don't forget to RSVP, so we can plan for max capacity, and let's make this event an epic Hackerspace revival! We're stoked to see you there and kick off this new chapter together—let's get this bread, hackers! 🚀🔥

Photo of CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace group
CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace
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