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Gobble Gobble, it's an Eastside Cuddle Party :-D

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OUR MAIN RSVP LIST IS NOT HERE! So, don't let this list discourage you!

There are 3 primary RSVP lists:

1) the inbox (private RSVPs)

2) the "Cuddle Seattle" group which directs you to finalize payment at...

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Cuddle Party is a non-sexual and sober gathering for grown-ups to share connection, kindness and play. **No one is obliged to cuddle anyone, ever, at a Cuddle Party.** Some are in the middle of the 'puppy pile'. Some sit and observe. Whatever you choose, it's OK. Cuddle Party is a safe forum to learning about one's own touch preferences and needs, learning healthy boundaries and skills, while sharing a fun evening with others.

You can read more about Cuddle Party here: (

*** In the spirit of Cuddle Party, please RSVP 'Yes' or 'No'. (No Maybes). :-) Also in the spirit of Cuddle Party, whatever you RSVP at first, you can change later for any reason at all. :-)
*** In the spirit of good etiquette, please keep your online RSVP updated. No-shows are impolite. :-( Thank you for your attentiveness! :-)