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Culti Pop Up Meetup: "Welcome the New In Town Drinks" April
= CULTI POP UP MEETUP = A Culti Pop Up meetup is a meetup where everyone meets eachother inside a trainstation or metrostation to get the meetup started. After getting together, we'll move to a venue around the corner, where we will continue the meetup. If you want to know why this is the best way to get to know new people, then just scroll down, or, maybe even better: just sign up and be there! = "WELCOME THE NEW IN TOWN DRINKS" = Do we want the new in town to drown in a meetup with over 100 new faces, where just 20 will do? No :) Do we want the new in Town to walk into a not very interesting group of meetup "friends"? No :) Do we want the in new in town town to talk Dutch already after one day? Well, if in Amsterdam, we hardly talk Dutch ourselves these days. It's the new Amsterdam. So, what do we want? What we in fact want, is to welcome the new in town. And that's all we want. = COSTS = The costs for group members only are pay for your drinks. The costs for all other people who show up at the meeting point, are explained at the bottem. = LOCATION = Culti Meetup has found a great location for this meetup! It's a location where we can sit and talk, and mingle a bit, but not to much. The meetup will take two hours, for the New in Town this will do to get a first impression of this group. the event host will take everyone who wants to a great bar on walkable distance for just one for the road. = WHAT MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID? = Please try and be on time, please bring a smile, if at the last moment something else comes up no worries, but please try and be a bit punctual with the RSVP, things like that only :) See you on the meetup :) <>=<>=<>=<>=<> = WHY IS THIS THE BEST WAY TO GET TO KNOW NEW PEOPLE = 1) Todays event-host, Arjan, is one of the most experienced meetup event-hosts in Amsterdam. He has hosted lots of meetups in Amsterdam, cities nearbye, and also in cities where holliday or his job in the metal-industry took him. This gave him a very broad and intercultural vieuw. And, what did he learn? "Less is More". A great meetup is not about the host - it's about the meetup. 2) The "What not do do" element is very important for a great meetup. A very important not-to-do thing, is to create space for being late. Because this creates a slow start. Another important not- to-do thing, is to allow space for people who didn't come to a lot of meetup yet, to drop by at 11PM. This gets all the wrong people. Regular attendees are in a closed facebookgroup where they can find the place to go to. So: there are no closed doors, the usuals can and in fact do pop bye if they are in the area, yet there is some control over who comes and does not come. This tends to get a 50/50 turn up and - which is what it is all about - it gets better meetups. 3) The locations are always on easy locations. One can always see the station where we first met. So you don't even need your smartphone. The regulars in this group are cool. It's a bit more Dutchies then in most groups, with most attendees still being international. In this group, you'll get the hang of the way in which the locals speak English with the speed of light. It's simple English with an accent. 4) We charge people who are did not sign up for the meetup EUR 20,- for attending to the meetup. There is only one reason for this: the event host, and not just the event host, wants to know who's coming. Far most people will not attend to the meetup if they have to pay EUR 20,- for some drinks in a bar. Even though in this group, the people are worth it, so to say. Like this our group members are not coming all the way to the meetup just to say that that one annoying person who always stares at them is there. This number 4 gets a lot better meetups! All together, for those who don't want to waste time, and want to find some friends who, just like them, are New in Town, in order to have the same discoveries, the same way to see their new invironment, the same space to be amazed in good or maybe also less good ways, the same need to not be a stranger at least to some people, for all this.... This is the way. Sign Up. ( Just asking :) ). Be there.


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- Culti Meetup Amsterdam -

In this Meetup, everything is nice, easy and social! We are meeting for going to the most cozy bars and restaurants in Amsterdam, for going on daytrips to great sides around the corner for fun, for new discoveries, but most of all: for meeting new people.

This group is the most pretty way to meeting some new friends.

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- "Just Social" -

Just social means we want just fun and take our time. Many people who go to meetups, might be looking for new love, but are not looking really hard. Also a lot of couples who came to The Netherlands are not looking at all, but have no local friends at all - yet! (Untill they start coming to our meetups). The meetups in this group are all about making life easy on those who are not looking really hard or aren't looking at all.

Our just social meetups are sit, chat and drink. We're not going to save the world during our just social meetups, but we will get to know new people. The kind of crowd which really is in a hurry, doesn't like sit and drink, they like meet & mingle. That's why we never meet and mingle, our if you want unique selling point is that we do not meet and mingle.

We are what we do not do.

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- Daytrips -

The city is great, to some people the country side is even greater, but the strip in between is where Waterland is to be found. This region is just north of Waterland, which in a historical sense also includes Oostzaan and Zaandam. It has lovely sides to see, like Zaanse Schans, Volendam and Marken. This group takes you there several times a year, for checking these great places, for getting some fresh air

And, of course, for meeting new people.

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- "This looks prommising and I think I like this" -

Well, if so don't hesistate - and just sign up for your new meetup group :)

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