Koji Cooking Demonstrations and Tastings for Busy People

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RESOBOX East Village

91 E 3rd St · New York, NY

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Koji Cooking Demonstrations and Tastings for Busy People

Many of the recipes for the will be online at www.culturesgroup.net to fit everything in. You’ll see demonstrations of

a) how to make Miso for Summer (味噌)
b) how to make shio-koji (塩糀)
c) how to make misodama (味噌玉)
d) how to make takikomi gohan (味噌炊き込みご飯)

The point of all these items is to show you what to do with what you have on hand, and what you can access. Got kids? Work, like even two jobs ? Need to spend less time and money cooking and more time enjoying food? We know what you need to know.

Makiko Ishida (Maki) is a koji enthusiast, and a busy parent that knows how to budget time without sacrificing nutrition or taste for her family. A native Tokyoite who was born into a katsuobushi (fermented bonito) trading family. She likes to share easy and fast Japanese home-cooking ideas using koji-fermented staples such as miso, soy sauce, mirin, shio-koji, and sake that anyone can apply into his or her own kitchen.

Chef Ken Fornataro will show you how to make food if you have miso, koji, shio-koji, soy sauce, mirin and other ingredients ready to go with quick trip to the farmers market, your local salad bar, the super market or a dig into your CSA box or your pantry or refrigerator. Even for picky kids - we know all about the young stubborn ones - and people that are eating a vegan diet.

The following, all vegan, mostly gluten free items:

• Fried Garlic and Jalapeño Salsa
• Maple Smoked Tempeh and Lemon Mustart Sauerkraut
• Dates and Hickory hamma natto (koji based)
• Shio-koji Brussel Sprouts
• Shiitake Kombu Dashi Dama
• Eggplant and shiso leaf pickles
• Gohan Takikomi (see recipe below)
• Rye with caraway flavored roasted Brazil nuts
• Truffled cranberry and Savoy salad
• Jasmine Amasake (sweet, thick, koji based rice)
• Cucumber Misozuke (Cukes aged in a black pepper miso)
• Creamy Spicy Carrot Kimchi Saoad
• Toasted Almond KIsses (savory, nutty, sweet namemiso based)
• Garlic Misozuke (Fresh garlic fermented in miso)

You must register to attend. $20. Once registered, you can bring cash and pay there if you like. So please join the group and register for the event! Hope to see you there! [masked] with questions!