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What we’re about

Cure for Boredom is just what it sounds like. We are about building better times.
People getting up and out and finding new friends and events to enjoy and share. Curing your boredom exploring new horizons.
I was looking to form the perfect group and did but then I joined, and it was not perfect anymore 😉 ha-ha
So here we are looking to make life better by making memories and good friends. YES YOU! You should join and meet new people and find some events or activities that interest you. I hope that this group would have a variety of activities and events. If you join and really like an idea or have a suggestion then that is great and encouraged as any good group is a shared experience and your desire may just be the thing that someone else is looking to try or do.
Some ideas are music venues , hiking , trivia event , bowling , pool parties, Fire Pit nights , skiing , travel and diners , charities, pet friendly, billiards, boating , golf, concerts, comedy nights, biking ,social, health and living, wineries and breweries, kick ball games ………. And many many more. Now all of that may not be posted all the time but as this group grows it should be known that the many interest varieties of the members should be offered and made available.
Life is good and sometimes it could be better to find fun things to do with others. Fun without boarders so that we are not boxed in and you could also expand your boundaries to explore new areas and even meet new people.
Just remember that any group is only as good as its members. So, you are so awesome that I was going to name the group AFTER YOU! 😊 then you could have told everyone that you joined a group that was named “After You” 😉