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San Antonio is “Cyber Security City” USA. We host the largest density of CyberSecurity specialists in the southwest. CyberDEF DOJO is the place for hackers, innovators, and learners to hone their skills in the art of CyberSec. At CyberDEF DOJO we share a passion for building, reverse engineering, and understanding Cyber Security technologies. You don't need to be a programmer to use/enjoy the DOJO - we speak Customer Development and DevOps too! Good chance you will meet your co-founder or the CEO of the next explosive Cyber Security startup at the DOJO.

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How to Sell Security

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Let's say you want to convince someone that they need to do something to make their lives better. You wonder why this person has not done that before because you can understand why it is necessary, but for whatever reason, they do not follow your thinking. How would you convince that person to believe in what you believe and follow through with your suggestion? People don't want security. They don't care about security. They don't understand security. People are told that they need security, but they are never told why they need it other than a finger pointing to Home Depot, Equifax, OPM, etc. Being able to convince someone that security is a part of life is essential if you want them to be better coworkers, employees, and bosses. In this talk, Omar Quimbaya, sales engineer at Perch Security, will talk about his experience learning how to sell security to companies and talk about what customers are saying in regards to security services. He will also help you all understand how to sell security to people who don't care about security. Or at least... he'll try to.

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