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What we’re about

Join us to talk about your cycle struggles, wellness, and all things women's menstrual/fertility/sexual/repro health. Bring your highs and lows, the stuff you don't feel comfortable sharing at home or with your doc, your empathy, and share your experiences healing or just dealing.

Note: This group is not specifically focused on TTC. This group is not specifically focused on post-partum wellness. This group is open to any age. This group is not a place for seeking professional medical advice (though group members may offer guidance and support based on their own experiences). Group organizer is not a medical professional or women's healthcare provider - just a woman with a cycle and her own experiences.

Topics may include: fertility awareness, emotional-physiological connections, cycle charting skill building, post-partum experience sharing, peri-menopause, obgyn/medical trauma, menstrual irregularities, pregnancy loss, abortion, menstrual pain, and more.

Virtual monthly meetings, with the goal of eventually adding some in-person meetings soon.

Looking forward to connecting with you!