Cyber Cheltenham (CyNam) relaunch event: December 1st at Jury's Inn Cheltenham


After 9 months out, we're finally bringing the Cheltenham Cyber Tech Hub meetup event back online and with added impetus.

Confirmed speakers:

· GCHQ Head of Innovation – Central Government partnering with Local Cyber Business

· Alex Chalk, MP – Local Government supporting Local Cyber Business

· Steve Mason, VP of Strategy & CTO at L-3 TRL – Cyber Defence vs Cyber Offence

· Richard Yorke, MD at Deep Sky Blue Solutions – Cyber Start-Up: Our journey so far…

· David Balson, RipJar– DDOS on Democracy – How cyber-attacks shaped the US Election

Cheltenham is THE hub for Cyber Security in the UK, full of knowledgeable individuals, great companies, new exciting start-ups and exceptional Cyber talent. The purpose of the Cyber Cheltenham Tech Hub is to further promote and encourage:

- SMEs: Provide a Cyber Start-Up and SME thought collaboration, networking and presentation forum

- Investment & Support: Develop a proactive angel investment & business support network for new local Cyber start-ups

- Secure & Local Government: Provide a real opportunity for collaboration and open dialogue with local & secure Government bodies and initiatives such as the Cyber Accelerator scheme

- Industry: Encourage collaboration and support from Industry Corporations in the local area

With 300+ local group members, please confirm your attendance early to avoid disappoint as places will be limited to the venue size.

Look forward to seeing you there for a drink or three!

All the best,