• AI Innovations at MIT CSAIL

    Online event

    [masked]pm CST: Introduction and Networking[masked]pm CST: Main Talk and Q&A Curious about the latest AI innovations at MIT CSAIL, the largest research lab at MIT? Join us to hear from Lori Glower, Managing Director - MIT CSAIL Global Strategic Alliances. Lori will share some of the exciting AI initiatives across the lab and related success stories. The talk will be valuable for both business and technical audience. You don’t want to miss if any of these apply to you: • You are curious about AI innovations at MIT CSAIL for your own professional growth. • You are in a leadership role and like to know how your company or team can benefit from MIT CSAIL. • You want to network (virtually) with like-minded professionals. About the speaker: Lori Glover leads global partnerships and alliances for MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) – the largest lab at MIT with over 1000 researchers and 60 research groups. She is responsible for corporate and organizational engagement with the lab through the CSAIL Alliance Program, research initiatives, the Visiting Industry Researcher program, start-ups and technology ecosystem, professional development programs and talent acquisition/recruiting within CSAIL. She also serves as Executive Director of SystemsThatLearn@CSAIL, FinTech@CSAIL and MachineLearningApplications@CSAIL. Lori is also a member of the Board of Directors for the American Society of Engineering Education, College and Industry Partnership Division, the Advisory Board of EBSCO and the Massachusetts Cyber Education and Training Consortium (CETC). She holds a Juris Doctor and has also practiced law as a member of both the Massachusetts and Florida bar associations.