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What we’re about

"the practice of planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful usable content."

  • Kristina Halvorson

You've heard it before - "Content is King". It's been burned into our collective conscious for the last 10 years. We get it. We need content. Why are we creating content though? Who is editing that content? Who is creating it? When are we creating the content? How often? Where is it going to publish and how is it going to be delivered? Mobile? Desktop? Both?

These are all questions that Content Strategists commonly ask and answer. Content Strategy saves production time by clearly defining requirements, communication goals and project scope. Content Strategy can bridge the gap between marketing / biz dev and creative / interactive. It can help inform the User Experience and Information Architecture while guiding the tone and voice of the actual copy. When applied and practiced correctly, Content Strategy can solve a lot of complex problems related to all types of content - and not just for web.