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This is a placeholder for a specific brunch spot. We'll be hosting them periodically and trying out the best brunches that Dallas has to offer.


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What we're about

Are you familiar with the arts + entertainment publication

This meetup group is for those that are interested in attending events listed on - it's the interactive portion and events arm of the magazine.

Want to attend all the Dallas festivals ( listed on, but don't want to go by yourself? Would you like to meet up with like-minded folks, make new friends, and build a lifetime of memories? Join our group.

This group is targeted to the 21 - 40 year-old stylish, social, and fun folks living in the Dallas area. We have more than 130 events planned for 2018 and we're adding more ideas to our digital calendar every day.

We're limiting it to 150 members to start. The first 50 folks will be grandfathered in and FREE to join. In the future it may become members only. Get ready for tons of festivals, brunches, roof top happy hours, pool hopping, art events, and the like.

We have a WAITING LIST for this group already piling up. If you've tried to join but haven't been approved yet, please be patient. We're removing those that don't participate, fill out his/her profile, or no show. We're keeping the engagement and quality high. Anyone that doesn't add value, and is taking up a spot that another could fill is out.

Only those that are involved and show loyalty will get invited to the non-public events such as exclusive tastings, restaurant openings, and special opportunities, of which we are approached all the time to attend. These events won't be published and will only be made availialbe to a special few. is a hyper-local, highly-popular, award-winning online digital publication about Dallas cultural events: art, music, film, advocacy, theater, dining, tech, festivals, things to do, and more. In 2013, it was nominated for D Magazine's "Best Dallas Blog" and in 2012 it won "Best Dallas Blog" Readers Choice. In 2011 it was awarded CBS Local's "Most Valuable Blogger" People's Choice in the Local Affairs category.

Started by two people, now has 60+ writers and a handful of ongoing contributors whom have written 100s of articles over the last ten years.

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