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The Dallas User Experience Group is the local chapter of UXPA International. This group serves the needs of designers in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. With this group, you can:

Network with other designers to exchange ideas
Listen to speakers at monthly meetings
Look for your next opportunity with managers and recruiters
Learn best practices at a workshop
Attend the Big Design Conference to learn from industry experts
See local talent showcased to spotlight the Best of Dallas UX

Brought to you by the creators of Big Design Conference (http://www.bigdesignconference.com/), the original UX conference started in Dallas by local UX Dallas professionals.

Dallas is home to 5% of the Fortune 500 firms. Our fair city is filled with talented designers working on cool projects for some of the biggest brands in the world.

We hold monthly meetings to showcase local talent or hear about a hot topic in User Experience, Design, Usability, Creativity, and so on. Let's make Dallas a point of destination for companies and creatives. Help us put Dallas on the map!

If you or your company would like to host or sponsor us, email Brian Sullivan at brian@bigdesignevents.com.

Welcome to the Dallas User Experience Group--your other home away from work!

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Ignore the Hype: Understand the Problem to Make Better Products

We have been bombarded over the last 10-12 years with the phrase “new and innovative.” Do we really understand what it means and how to apply it? Does new actually mean better? Have “innovations” or “new and approved” products and services really enhanced our lives? Have these "innovations" created new problems? We all have heard it time and time again: - “We need to “innovate!” - “We need something new!” - "Innovation, get some of that!" Understanding the problem definition is the essence of innovation. Understanding the problem is how it’s being applied to transform the way in which we do business, design, and build products. It's the key to embracing upcoming trends for 2019 and beyond. Let’s discuss the ways in which we can champion Living Services, build utility, and lasting impact moving forward. Your speaker is Kevin Williams. With over 23 years of design, strategy, brand development and technology experience, Kevin has worked with startups, small business and Fortune 50 and 500 companies. He’s led innovation and design thinking workshops, pushed pixels, launched websites and marketing campaigns locally, nationally and internationally. He's even had a stint as an A&R in the music industry. He currently serves as Design Director & Innovation Lead for Accenture Digital in Dallas. If you don’t want to call him Kevin, call him Batman. Doors open at 6:30 with pizza and drinks. Our talk begins at 7:15pm with Q&A to follow.

UX Jobs Panel


UX is a collection of different careers that work towards a common goal of making better products for people to use. Not everyone who works on a UX team will push pixels on a site or app. Each career focuses on a different aspect of UX design and requires a different set of skills. On most teams, you need to understand how the other UX person brings value and benefit to your product team. Some careers are more suited to people who enjoy using the creative side of their brain, while other UX jobs are more suited to people who enjoy using the evaluative side of their brain. In this month's meeting, we have gathered a panel of UXers together to discuss their UX job, what they do, how they got there, and where they are going. They will discuss how they collaborate and communicate with other UXers and their product teams. All questions are welcome. Doors open at 6:30pm with pizza and drinks. The panel begins at 7:15pm. Panelists want to answer your burning questions, so bring plenty of them. Your Panelists include: Mike Courtney Mike is the founder of Aperio Insights, an agency focused on marketing research, ethnography and foresight. He holds an MMR degree (Masters in Marketing Research) from the University of Georgia and has more than 20 years of research and strategic consulting experience. His areas of expertise include new product development, long-range scenario planning and digital ethnography. Mike's clients include American Airlines, Lexus, Lundberg, Mercer, Nokia, Siemens, Pearson, Post Foods, Rent-A-Center, Texas Instruments and Continental ITS in addition to pro-bono work with startups and non-profits. Sophi Marass Sophi is a Senior UX Designer with Hireology, a Chicago based HR technology company. Before joining Hireology, she worked with some seriously talented individuals at Sabre, Active Network and Spring CM. She is a product designer with a heart for understanding people, listening to their stories, studying their routines and learning how their lives are shaped by everyday technology. She is also an avid book lover and a part-time ballerina with 6 o'Clock Dance Theatre. Cassini Nazir Cassini is a designer of conversations, curriculum, and interfaces. He is a Clinical Associate Professor in the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication at UT Dallas where he teaches classes in interaction design. He is also Director of the ATEC Usability Lab, which fosters collaborative research with industry partners and offers experiential learning to students. He was previously Director of Design and Research for the ArtSciLab, a transdisciplinary research lab helping the arts, science, and technology communities by pursuing initiatives of societal urgency and cultural timeliness.

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