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Starting Over: Divorce Recovery Weekly Meetup

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Founded 29 years ago, the Starting Over group at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church is the oldest divorce recovery group in North Texas. Those of all denominations, faiths, and beliefs are welcome.

Starting Over is a weekly in-person meeting for people in all stages of separation or divorce. Whether you have not started the process yet, you are in the middle of it, or even years out of your divorce, our group meeting provides an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and support. Specially trained facilitators lead the meetings each week. The facilitators are well-versed in most aspects of separation, divorce and recovery because they have undergone much personal growth following their own divorce. Group members are encouraged to share their feelings and experiences in the safe atmosphere our meetings provide. Once a month, Lu Vorhies, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor, leads the group on specific topics.

There is no charge to attend this support group and there is no registration required. You may begin at any time and continue to attend meetings as long as you need. At each meeting, everyone will have the opportunity to speak, or, if you choose, not speak and just listen to the experience of others.

A few things our group is not:

-Ours is not a gathering for dating or matchmaking. It is for those who are undergoing change in a relationship. Although members may choose to socialize together, that is not the primary purpose of this group.

-This is not a faith-based group. The generosity of Lovers Lane United Methodist Church allows us use of their meeting room.

-The strength of the organization is listening to others share their experiences while searching for similarities and solutions.

Individuals who attend this group will:

-Encourage one another

-Experience emotional personal growth

-Gain an understanding of the basic grief processes associated with separation and divorce

-Learn how to deal with loneliness, anger and depression

-Begin to move on and experience new relationships

A collection of information about divorce is posted in the "Files" section that many have found helpful

In particular, if you are searching for general information, we recommend you read the Microsoft Word document at ...

On your first visit, you may find the Lovers Lane United Methodist Church campus map at ( helpful.

Please be aware that an RSVP to attend is not needed. does not provide the option to turn off the RSVP request. There are typically 15 to 25 attendees at each meeting.

We would be pleased to have you visit.

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