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Automated Testing with Selenium

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Tom M. and David H.


Selenium: What is it good for? Absolutely Something!

Common symptoms of the need for automated testing are:

Missed Deadlines Grumpy and overworked QA Large support Queues Automated testing with Selenium is the first step to start relieving those symptoms and is relatively easy to get going with the most basic tests requiring just a quick run through the websites most used features with Selenium IDE.

Allan Chappell, Web Developer and Selenium Expert from will present an overview of several solutions using combinations of Selenium, PHPunit, and continuous integration software such as Hudson, to show that automated Selenium Testing can be achieved by any team, no matter how big or small.

Selenium: Selenium IDE: A comprehensive walkthrough of the misunderstood IDE Storing Tests: A guide to Automated Testing at its most basic level PHPUnit: Overview: The features used by the Default Selenium Test Driver. Test Translation: The first steps to using PHPUnit to manage and run your tests Hudson: Continuous Integration: What does it mean to be continuously integrated? Getting SetUp: A quick tutorial to get you set up to run selenium tests on code rollout

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