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Daniel LaBarge - Applications as Services

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Package development is a hot topic these days, if you are new to building apps which can be installed and maintained in a contained package structure this month we have Daniel LaBarge of Artisans Collaborative (, with a great talk that should get you running in the right direction.


The topic for this meetup is all about package development. We'll be considering an application as a set of packaged services and even the application as a whole as just another service to other applications. It's a practical approach to package development and an overview of packaging principles. The skills you will learn will vary depending on your prior experience with package development but you should walk away being more familiar with:

- Abstracting reusable code from your existing application code bases
- Identifying when new code would be better served as a package
- Compartmentalizing your application into slices (services) instead of layers (messes)
- Using the IoC container and resolving application services
- Maintaining and deploying reusable code between applications
- Automating the packaging process with CI/CD tools
- Choosing package dependencies based on licenses
- Starting to build applications as microservices

If you find yourself copying and pasting one class or method from one project into another, or if you find yourself rebuilding the same concepts over and over again and wish you could reuse that code in another application, then this meetup is for you. There are better ways to make your code available to your application. This meetup's focus is on teaching developers how to better think about their application. Whether refactoring an existing application, migrating a legacy application to a framework, or starting an application from scratch, this meetup will help your team get the most out of the code they write.

Come to learn packaging principles and to share your insights and experiences too!