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What we’re about

These are  free-style dances for people who love to dance. They are, for dancers, what musical jams are for musicians. If your previous experience dancing has been mainly in night clubs, our dances might feel like swimming in the ocean after having swum only in swimming pools--finally you have space and support for creativity, natural movement, freedom!  You'll see all levels of dancers at our weekly events, moving together or separately, lifted by our DJs' creative mixes of dance styles, varied beats, continents and eras.
Both are a 501(c)(3) nonprofits dedicated to promoting dance in the community. These dances are safe places to dance creatively and make new friends. Respect for others is essential. Alcohol and smoking are prohibited.

> Each one of our events is unique. Check the calendar for DJ details and special classes.

Dance Freedom and Dance Friday dances meet both in person and online; Fridays in person at 8 Inman St. in Cambridge MA, Sundays in person at 284 Amory St #5, Jamaica Plain. Next in person dances: Fridays in person 8:30-10:30pm 4/28, 5/19, 6/30 at 8 Inman St, Cambridge; Sundays 6:45pm-9pm 5/28, 6/11 at 284 Amory St #5, Jamaica Plain, MA.
Online, zoom dances are held online every Wednesday and Friday night at 8:30-9:30pm all Eastern Standard time.

> Creating and moving together is a essential part of being human. I invite you all to think of ways you would like to dance this year. Community dance has always held that this is a volunteer service done by dancers for dancers.

> Each event needs

> 1. A group to put on the event it should include

> a. A leader or teacher to welcome dancers and warm up the dancers for a evening of dance

> b. Music providers to create the dance.

> c. Artists to create beauty in the space

> d. performers to share at end of event

> 2. A plan or intention and a written description and art the describes that intention. To be posted on website and face book.

> 3. Dance ambassadors to get the word out.

> 4. A Organizer to make sure all the volunteers for the evening can make it. and to fill roles that need filling during the night. making sure enough money is gathered to pay the rent and emails are gathered to invite folks to participate in future events.

> 5. A group to come early to the venue setting up the space to reflect your intention, You bring your best creative self to the space. Prepared to put on the best event possible.

> 6. Dancers to come and enjoy the event.

> 7. A group to put every thing away so we can play again next week.

> We have done this for over 50 years. Let us know what do you want to do to create your dance for your community in the future.



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