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What we’re about

***** The group is currently oversubscribed, so we're not able to accept new members at the moment. We will accept people who ask to join once we have more space again. While waiting, you can join our online/virtual discussion group if you'd like ******

Meet kindred book lovers in a local Meetup Book Club!

You'll read a new book every month and we'll get together to talk about it. Come to laugh, share stories and make new friends!

In our group we aim to broaden our reading horizons, enjoy stimulating discussion, meet new people and most importantly have fun. We read broadly, so if you are only interested in one type of book, that is just not what we do.

We meet monthly on Saturday mornings at Dartford Library. Meetings start at 10.30 and usually finish by 12.30. More often than not, we'll go for a drink or lunch after the meetup too.

We encourage active membership! Members are expected to read the books for the meeting, participate in discussion and occasionally even chair the meetings.

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