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New York, NY

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Feb 5, 2015

Introduce yourself

I've been a runner since I was 10 years old, though never a fast one. Right now living on the Upper West Side with my wife (who is also a runner and also just signed up) and our whippet-mix dog. I'm looking forward to running the Brooklyn Half and the NYC Marathon this year, and to training with and getting to know the Whippets!

What's your 5k, half marathon, or marathon race pace so we can plan pace groups at our runs?

Marathon was 9:31 in 2013 on flat course, hoping to bring that down this year. Half/10M is 8:02 5k/4M/5M/10k best is 7:36

On your training runs, how many miles do you run?

Weekdays I do 3-4, long runs on weekends I'll do 6-10 unless I'm training for something longer.

Where do you do most of your training?

Central Park, with some running in Riverside and down the Hudson River Greenway