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New York, NY

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Jan 6, 2019

Introduce yourself

Hi! My name is Alison. I’m originally from New Paltz, NY and have been living in NYC for 2 years (currently in Astoria). I started casually running a few years ago but over the past year have truly dedicated myself to training and running races. Running solo is great, but running with a group is even more fun :) I’m looking to continue challenging myself as a runner alongside others.

What's your 5k, half marathon, or marathon race pace so we can plan pace groups at our runs?

5k-8:05, 10k-8:25, 2:03 finishing time at my first half last October with the goal at my next to be under 2 hours. First marathon will be NYC 2019.

On your training runs, how many miles do you run?

3-12 miles. Typically one 10-12 mile run each week, a couple 5 mile runs, then another couple 3 mile runs with some speed work here and there.

Where do you do most of your training?

Around Astoria and at Central Park.