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New York, NY

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Feb 5, 2018

Introduce yourself

Hey, my name is Alan Southworth. I'm a 25-year-old energy market consultant living in Manhattan, originally from Westport, CT. Outside the office, I enjoy running (of course), performing at singer-songwriter events around the city, solving and creating crossword puzzles, playing basketball, and mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC.

What's your 5k, half marathon, or marathon race pace so we can plan pace groups at our runs?

~6:00/mile for 3-5 mile races and ~6:30/mile for half marathons. Aiming to BQ at the NYC Marathon this fall.

On your training runs, how many miles do you run?

~Two 4-6 mile runs + One longer (8-12 miles) run per week at the moment. Will occasionally feel inspired and throw in a 15+ mile run to stay in Marathon mode.

Where do you do most of your training?

East River / Central Park for shorter - mid distance. For longer runs, will run into Brooklyn over the bridges or all the way around the bottom of the island onto the West Side.