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A group for digital artists in the Seattle area to post workshops, meetups and events that help foster knowledge and skills in the local area.

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Shop Talk: Digital Photography
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I'm setting this up as a proposed meetup to see who would be interested. Basic idea is to meet at a coffee shop or other good gathering location and talk tools, techniques, etc. I'm interested in alternating between different skills like painting, music, photography, games, etc. Please rsvp and comment if you'd be interested, along with time/area/location preferences. I will set one up for each of the focus areas.

Want to be a Co-Organizer?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I'm looking for some other people to host some meetups in this group. I have very little time, but would love to make this available as a community tool. I'm hoping to still do run some myself, but would love to have cohorts! If you have either a decent level of knowledge in any area of digital arts (digital painting/photography/design/music/audio/video/editing/etc.) and if you're down with finding a space, posting and being a basic meeting-runner, I'm happy to work with you on it or talk you through it! I have generally run things very cooperatively anyway, so it is low stress. If I have interest, I'll make it a priority to meet up for this and hopefully that will drive some more opportunities for meetups!

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Adobe Photo Creative Jam


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