What we're about

Why did we set up the Data Engineering and Data Architecture Group?

After many successful decades of working in the data industry we feel it is time to step up.

We are increasingly frustrated with the self-serving vested interests of the data industry and the wider data ecosystem. We believe it is time that customers understand the truth about data architecture and data engineering.

We want to help more people to understand what is important to deliver successful data projects and what is just noise, distraction, hype.

We will run events and workshops that will empower everybody on their data journey.

Our events can be broadly categorised into two topics:
- Foundation knowledge around data architecture and design
- Hands on workshops on tools and technologies for data engineers

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Bullet-proof Data Management Storytelling with Damhof's Data Quadrant Model

Rogier Werschkull

We have been designing and building data analytics architectures for the last 30+ years. The failure rate of a lot of these programs is astonishingly high. Research tells us the root cause of this lies in how people collaborate when creating data products with a fitting level of quality.

To address these challenges Ronald Damhof created the ‘Data Quadrant model’. In this session Rogier Werschkull will show you how to apply this framework to various data architectural artefacts. Examples will be the data warehouse and other related concepts such as the Data Lake, the Integration Layer, and Data Marts. He will also discuss 'Data Science Inventions' and One-off reports.

Ronald Damhof is a Dutch data management professional that received the 2021 Dama Excellence award for this contribution to our profession.

Rogier is a Dutch ‘hands-on’ Data Architect with 21 years of experience in the data-analytics profession.

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A 360° View on Reference Enterprise Data Architecture.

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