Data Mesh at HelloFresh - A Work in Progress

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Data Mesh Learning Meetup Global
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Agenda (times in EDT; CEST start time is 6:30pm; PDT start is 9:30am):
12:30-12:35pm: Brief introduction by Scott Hirleman
12:35-1:15pm: Presentations by HelloFresh team
1:15-1:45pm: Q&A

Format is Zoom broadcast*. We will upload to YouTube if you can't make it.

By 2015, HelloFresh had a classical centralized organically grown data management setup,. When HelloFresh went public in 2017, the company grew heavily. The tech department increased from approximately 40 to almost 300 engineers and with them the data points to be analyzed. Not only the number of data requests increased, but also their complexity, such that the data engineers required deep domain understanding and suffered from context switching and reprioritization across the business. In short, the central function became a bottleneck and slowed down innovation of the company.

In this presentation, the HelloFresh team will talk about their data mesh journey to-date and what they learned along the way.
The presentation will be covering different technical and organizational aspects.

Christoph Sawade (Sr. Director Data, Technology) will talk about the history of data at HelloFresh. Mario Konschake (Product Manager Data Foundation) will share an example of how a self-serve data platform is used as an enabler for domain data teams, followed by Sharif Abdel-Halim (Sr. Data Engineer) who presents an exemplary data product in more detail and Pedro Castillo (Sr. Data Engineer) who will talk about how to foster a data product mindset. Clemence Chee (Sr. Director Data, Business) will be talking about how to increase data literacy, followed by Hariprasad Natarajan (Lead Data Architect) who will talk about the challenges of data modelling in a data mesh.

The team will be available for an extensive Q&A after the presentation.

*There is no requirement to "register" for the webinar after signing up for the meetup, it is just a normal link. We do not have access to your email address via meetup nor do we want to :)