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Welcome to Data Science Dojo's Meetup group. Our goal is to help connect other like-minded business professionals who are interested in teaching, learning, and sharing their knowledge and understanding of data science to a larger community.

We encourage all members of this group to be pro-active in leading discussions on topics related to data science like machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, big data, and IoT, as well as programming languages such as R, Hadoop, and Python.

Stay tuned to our Meetup calendar for future community events and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @DataScienceDojo. Also, be sure to visit our data science bootcamp (https://datasciencedojo.com/data-science-bootcamp/) for more information about our training.

We are always looking for new speakers/presenters! If you're interested, please email Nathan at npiccini@datasciencedojo.com.

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From Academia to the Corporate World

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With more and more data available and generated every day, uncovering patterns and drawing informed insights from it to solve complex problems are skills that data scientists need to acquire. Although they are formal and nonformal routes to have a data science career, there are a few things you need to do on top of it to be successful. On my transition from Academia to Industry, from a Mathematics professor to a Lead Data Scientist, I have assembled a set of steps to accomplish this goal for individuals with a mathematical background like me or without any prior experience in this field of study.
Here I will talk about those extra steps that are needed to flourish in a new position ranging from working on mentored data science projects with Industry mentors, networking through LinkedIn, Meetup and other applications as well as volunteering with different organizations.

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Design of Recommendation Systems

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