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What we’re about

Come meet other ambitious women in data science and their allies. It has been established in multiple studies that seeing successful female professionals in the field can be very inspiring for peers as well as the younger generation. Here, We want to create a long lasting group of friends who are determined to become kickass data science women who are EXPERTS in the field and accomplish amazing things!

Whether you are currently practicing as a data scientist/analyst or are trying to get your first job in data, feel free to join! The goal of this group is to provide a safe and unbiased environment for individuals who are committed to developing themselves as data scientists and hold each other accountable.

Meetup Events
- Learning series/Tech talks(Internal/External Speakers)
- Weekly Code and Coffee (Virtual and In person)
- Networking Events
- Become a Speaker
- Telling story with Data

Our LinkedIn Page:

1. Message the group organizers to be added to the slack community
2. Post in the #introductions channel on Slack to let us know your background and interests!
3. Search for channels and join the ones you are interested in
There's NO need to feel shy for "not knowing enough" and no stupid questions! Just a willingness to learn and support an amazing group of women with zero judgment.

Slack Channels:
Description: Come together virtually and physically to work on problems with fellow (aspiring and already)Data Scientists
Description: Share and ask for advice related to career decisions, resume and interview prep
Description: Suggest new ideas that Data science women group can implement or adopt
Description: When you join the slack channel please introduce yourself. Name, location, what you do and what are you hoping to get out of the Data Science women's group
Description: Anything that does not have a channel for it goes here
Description: Advertise any events that you are interested in or attending. We will also announce Data Science Women events here
Description: Collaborate on new or existing projects that are from Kaggle/Datakind etc. Even on personal or work projects are encouraged following NDA guidelines
Description: Learn and Teach how to tell a captivating and effective story through your experiments
Description: Discuss best practices for solving data science problems
Any ideas, links, personal wins, lessons learnt worth sharing