What we're about

Come meet other ambitious women to study and explore data science with! Whether you are currently practicing as a data scientist/analyst or are trying to get your first job in data, feel free to join! The goal of this meetup is to form a group of friends who are committed to developing themselves as data scientists and hold each other accountable.

* Meetup-wide events are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month
* Message me to join our Slack community and join one of our study groups
* Study group meetings are organized separately on Slack


#sg-machine-learning - Organizer: Juno Lee
#sg-ml-online-course - Organizer: Emily Hueni
#sg-statistics - Organizer: Juno Lee
#sg-r - Organizer: Steph Pugh
#sg-sql - Organizer: Hannah Westberg
#sg-python - Organizer: Sandra Fish
#sg-data-visualization - Organizer: Annie Regel
#sg-environmental-data - Organizer: Katie Colasono
#sg-career-prep - interview prep, resumes, portfolios - Organizer: Gisun Sung

STUDY GROUPS, possibly less beginner-friendly (depending on skill set):

#sg-nlp - Organizer: Emily Hueni
#sg-time-series - Organizer: Steph Pugh
#sg-deep-learning - Organizer: Jenny Yu
#sg-scikit-learn - Organizer: Emily Hueni


1. Message me to join our Slack community
2. Post in the #introductions channel on Slack to let us know your background and interests!
3. Join channels for the study groups you're interested in.
4. Attend study group meetings and meetup-wide events!

There's NO need to feel shy for "not knowing enough" and no stupid questions! Just a willingness to learn and support an amazing group of women with zero judgment.

Based on what I hear from students at Udacity and my own experience, I know that seeing successful female professionals in the field can be very inspiring. Here, I want to create a long lasting group of friends who are determined to become kickass data science women who are EXPERTS in the field and accomplish amazing things!

Our monthly meetups are gracious hosted by Enterprise Coworking: https://enterprisecoworking.com/

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