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The theme of this meetup will be Quantified Self.


Tim Ngwena (

Talk: "Iterating through my life." In this talk I aim to share the experience of collating, wrangling and building a quantified perspective of different aspects of life. As the saying goes, if it cant be measured then it can't be managed.

Bio: Tim is Business & Technology Integration Consultant @ Accenture. Outside of work, he's either on a run with his dog Toby, recording a podcast on tech policies with his brother, Vlogging about Tableau or tech or more relevant for his talk, wrangling passive data points from his life.

Maximilian Kerz (

Talk: Data-vis in Healthcare. A rise in wellness and fitness apps has revolutionised the amount of data we can collect about ourselves. As result, displaying data to patients and doctors has become increasingly more important in clinical healthcare. This talk is aimed at giving you an overview of the data that is available in the healthcare landscape, the lessons learned on patient engagement, and how the future of heath data visualisation might look like.

Bio: Researcher. Developer. Bioinformatician. I am passionate about innovation and challenging the status quo within healthcare. Current healthcare systems are unfit to deal with the demands of the 21st century. An ageing population, changing disease type distributions and ever increasing therapeutic costs have driven existing systems to near bankruptcy. I believe the health service of the future must rely on data-driven allocation of resources and undergo a shift toward personalised preventative care in order to be effective in the years to come. As part of my PhD, I focus on the use of wearable devices in order to detect relapse in Schizophrenia and have taken on the role of lead front-end developer for RADAR-CNS (, funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2.

Lightning talk:

Ned Stratton ( )

Talk: "A database of dates." The building of a database of dating history including:

• Process: gathering data, designing schema, querying.

• Analysing, visualising and deriving actionable insights

• Insights

Bio: "I stumbled into data two and half years ago after following my brother's careers advice to 'just be an Excel wizard". When the inherent smugness of a successful VLOOKUP started to wear off, I took it further. Now I work with VBA and SQL server to clean marketing data and databases for an events and media company in London. As well as a data guy, I am also a Tinder addict, and I have combined these to make a relational database of my last 3 years of dating history and dating app usage. Doing so has taught me MySQL, visualisation, VBA and introduced me to Python scripting. Still no girlfriend though - must review the algorithms."


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