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This group is dedicated to organizing discussions, meetups, and events around data 2.0. The focus of data 2.0 is about utilizing the new avalanche of online data and new data-centric business models. The Data 2.0 organizers are also the producers of DataWeek.co Sept 22-27 in San Francisco as well as the Data 2.0 Summit (data2summit.com)

We view "Old Data" is the practice of closing off your data, and data 2.0 hosting data online and making it accessible by other organizations. That includes big data technologies, government open data initiatives, geo-data, business intelligence, social data analytics, data visualizations, and any new paradigms in utilizing and monetizing data. This group is more focused on the policies, applications, ideas, startups, and innovations around online data than it is about specific coding languages or underlying technologies.

Potential Data 2.0 Meetup Focuses:

- API's and Standardization: Utilizing and contributing to the "structured cloud"

- OpenGov Data: Initiatives, Applications, Visualizations, and Analytics

- GeoData: From Check-ins and Events to Market Intelligence

- Business Intelligence 2.0: Startups who are innovating how businesses source and analyze data

- Democratizing Data: Apps that make data, reports, and analytics more accessible to consumers

- Advertising Data: Startups that help track and optimize digital advertising analytics

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