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What we’re about

The Data Protection Forum is a european-wide community committed to bringing greater societal and industrial awareness about the importance of Data Protection, Privacy and Ethics.

Our members are made up of an international network of professionals covering the Legal, Informational, Technological and related sectors.

We are growing our community by creating an environment that connects established subject matter experts with interested stakeholders via digital channels and real-world meet-ups and events.

The Data Protection Forum, or “DP Forum” for short, envisions a world in which all of our data will be protected, respected and used in an ethical manner. This is essential to the protection of our freedom and human dignity.

In order for us all to participate in this Fourth Industrial Resolution and benefit from its wondrous achievements, we need greater awareness and vigilance so that our legal and technical evolutions work for us and not against us.

Involving business and government organisations, technology providers and experts, we aim to develop a progressive network to discuss, deep-dive and educate all of us effected by the usage of our personal data.

In this Information age, we believe in the positive value that data can contribute to us as individuals and to the well being of society. However we are also aware of the growing shadow side of data and the growing dangers it can have on us personally, on our companies and the way we live.

DP Forum will provide guidelines on how data can be protected and correctly used from a legal, ethical and technical perspective.