1-day Hands-on Image Recognition workshop using Apache Spark and BigDL

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Jumpstart Image Recognition through a FREE Hands-on 1-day workshop using Apache Spark and BigDL.

1) Sujee Maniyam, Co-Founder / Principal @ Elephant Scale
2) Alex Kalinin, Vice President, AI/Machine Learning, Sizmek

1) Intro to Apache Spark Machine Learning - Sujee of Elephant Scale
2) Setup environment - Run first SparkML command - Sujee of Elephant Scale
3) Intro to Deep Learning with BigDL - Sujee of Elephant Scale
4) Setup BigDL environment - Run first BigDL command - Sujee of Elephant Scale

~ Lunch ~

5) Intro to Image Recognition - Alex Kalinin
6) Hands on with MNIST & LeNet - Alex Kalinin
7) Transfer Learning with BigDL/Inception - Alex Kalinin
8) Hands on with BigDL/Inception - Alex Kalinin

1) Sujee Maniyam, Co-Founder / Principal @ Elephant Scale

Sujee Maniyam (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sujeemaniyam) is a seasoned Big Data practitioner and founder of Elephant Scale. He teaches and consults in Big Data technologies (Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and Cloud) and Data Science. He is an open source contributor and author of 'Hadoop illuminated' (an open-source book on Hadoop) and 'HBase Design Patterns'. Sujee is a frequent speaker at various conferences and meetups. He also advises and mentors various firms.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sujeemaniyam
Github: https://github.com/sujee
Speaking: http://elephantscale.com/speaking/

2) Alex Kalinin, Vice President, AI/Machine Learning, Sizmek

Alex (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexkalinin) leads an AI/Machine Learning team at Sizmek - the largest independent buy-side advertising platform. The team develops cutting edge conversion models, recommender systems, models for automatic A/B testing, and many others. These models are applied on the largest scale, with billions of requests processed per day. Previously, Alex worked in both startups and large companies. While at home.ai he led the team to develop home automation algorithms leveraging computer vision and convolutional networks for advanced recognition. At Yahoo he led the development of the large-scale user acquisitions and analytics system supporting rapid growth of Yahoo Games business. Alex holds MS in Physics degree, and published several articles on image recognition and pattern detection.

Robert Noyce Building (RNB) - Room 121 (BUM room)
2200 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Intel (Venue and Food)

Please play with BigDL on Apache Spark before the workshop:

Here are some recommended options:

OPTION 1 : Running Labs in AWS cloud (easiest & recommended)
1) Please create an AWS account
2) We will be using official BigDL image published by Intel
3) Make sure you can run this image on your account.
4) We recommend launching a t2.large instance. This one costs about 10c / hr to run. So if you run it for the duration of the workshop, the total cost is less than a $1 (yes ONE dollar!)

- OPTION 2 : Docker image (needs some setup)
Docker image enables you to run BigDL and labs on your laptop.

1) Make sure Docker works on your laptop
2) Download the docker image before hand. The docker image is available at https://hub.docker.com/r/elephantscale/bigdl-sandbox/ location.
3) Install it by using the following command:

docker pull elephantscale/bigdl-sandbox