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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already up and running and still there is so much left to explore and learn. The idea of dataroots research is to establish a community to focus on applied data & AI research and to share knowledge and experiences around this topic.

The idea of dataroots research is to establish a community to focus on applied AI research and to share knowledge and experiences on data & AI. We work in collaboration with academic institutions, government agencies and private organisations to further explore the possibilities of AI and investigate how solutions can be applied in different business models. It is a place to foster academic output in an applied research setting to create SOTA prototypes about AI solutions. In dataroots research, we welcome students from academic institutions to do internships and collaborate on their thesis subjects related to data & AI. We also support and train people in achieving more with Data & AI and grow their expertise.

dataroots research hosts the rootacademy, an education program in data & AI excellence for young graduates. To work with AI, developers need to adapt to new / other technologies. In this world of fast changing AI features in combination with new upcoming technologies, the rootacademy updates a an education program bundling the AI best practices and the best of breed of AI technologies and methodologies. The rootacademy provides different learning schemes, going from young graduates training to programs for experienced developers.

We organize different events:

  • meetup@lunch: Easy bite webinars covering a wide range of topics on applied AI.
  • rootcamps: Open sessions to involve and introduce community
  • rootfood: Informal breakfast bringing together players in AI.

For recordings of past sessions see our YouTube Channel

Upcoming events (1)

Meetup: Hugging Face (with Niels Rogge)

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⏰ You are welcome at 17h30. We start the Meetup at 18h.

🍔 After the Meetup we will enjoy some good food and refreshing drinks.

🎯 Hugging face ins and outs. Presentation by Niels Rogge. The different capabilities of Hugging Face and everything you can do with it (spaces, libraries, deployment, etc).
Model as a Service - Panel discussion around this new model that we see popping up. We’ll try to answer the questions around deployment, MLOps, ethics, explainability and the future of AI. The panel will be hosted by Virginie Marelli.

Past events (43)

Meetup: Snowflake & The Phoenix Project

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