Rcpp Master Class with Dirk Eddelbuettel

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Join Dirk Eddelbuettel for six hours of detailed and hands-on instructions and discussions around Rcpp, RInside, RcppArmadillo, RcppGSL and other packages---in an intimate small-group setting.

The full-day format allows combining an introductory morning session with a more advanced afternoon session while leaving room for sufficient breaks. We plan on having about six hours of instructions, a one-hour lunch break and two half-hour coffee breaks (and lunch and refreshments will be provided).

Rcpp has become the most widely-used language extension for R. Currently deployed by 103 CRAN packages and a further 10 BioConductor packages, it permits users and developers to pass "whole R objects" with ease between R and C++, bringing the depth of the R analysis framework together with C++ for anything ranging from higher-performance computations (particularly simulations) to connections to other frameworks and libraries written in C or C++ --- a 'no compromise' link between R and C++.

Morning session: "A Hands-on Introduction to R and C++"

The morning session will provide a practical introduction to the Rcpp package (and other related packages). The focus will be on simple and straightforward applications of Rcpp in order to extend R and/or to significantly accelerate the execution of simple functions. The tutorial will cover Rcpp attributes as well as the inline package which permits embedding of self-contained C, C++ or FORTRAN code in R scripts. We will also discuss RInside, to easily embed the R engine code in C++ applications, as well as standard Rcpp extension packages such as RcppArmadillo for linear algebra (via highly expressive templated C++ libraries).

Afternoon session: "Advanced R and C++ Topics"

The afternoon tutorial will provide a hands-on introduction to more advanced Rcpp features. It will cover topics such as writing packages that use Rcpp, how Rcpp modules and R ReferenceClasses interact, how Rcpp sugar lets us write C++ code that is often as expressive as R code, and how Rcpp attributes allow for the easiest integration yet of R and C++. Another possible topic, time permitting, may be writing glue code to extend Rcpp to other C++ projects as a concrete study.

We also expect to leave some time to discuss problems brought by the class participants.

Instructor Bio

Dirk Eddelbuettel has been writing R / CRAN packages for over a decade, currently maintains 20, including Rcpp and several related packages, and contributes to a few others. He maintains the CRAN Task Views for Finance as well as High-Performance Computing, is a founding co-organiser of the annual R / Finance conference in Chicago, and an editor of the Journal of Statistical Software. He has Ph.D. in Financial Econometrics from EHESS (Paris), and works in Chicago as a Senior Quantitative Analyst.

Convenient downtown location will be provided upon registration.

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