What we're about

Data Science Cornwall is about machine learning, data mining, and artificial intelligence using open source tools.

Our community is a diverse friendly place to share ideas, be inspired by each other, show what we're working on, support each other in our learning and building solutions.

We cover a broad range of topics - from algorithms to visualisation, from managing big data to the ethics of automation. Our sessions include talks, hands-on tutorials and fun hackathons.

Our focus will remain the community, open source, encouraging diversity and newcomers, and our sessions will always try to be beginner friendly.

Our events are always written up at https://datasciencecornwall.blogspot.com

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Design for Data Visualisation, and Introduction to Maps and Spatial Data

AIR - Academy of Innovation & Research

This meet-up will cover two themes: The presentation of data as information is a discipline that brings together design, ethics, statistics and the psychology of perception. Geographic maps are not just a familiar and efficient form of visual communication - they have a history rich in human stories, sometimes happy, and sometimes urgently highlighting human suffering. --- We're very lucky to have Caroline Robinson, BA ACMI FRGS Founder and Lead Cartographer at Clear Mapping Company: * introduce us to the key design principles for data visualisation, * also lead a tutorial on working with spatial data and using open source geographical information system (GIS). After this session you'll be able to design better data visualisations, and have the confidence to use spatial data and GIS tools for your own projects. --- 40mins - short talk on design principles and foundation of visual communication, covering colour, fonts, culture and equality in data collection - Make your #maps sing! 40 mins - hands-on workshop creating and using spatial data, learning how to make our own points, lines and polygon data, and how to export the data for your web based projects. --- The session will be suitable for complete beginners - you don't need any previous experience in design, data visualisation, mapping or using geographical information systems. A colourful and insightful evening into the world of spatial data! --- We'll start at 7.00pm, and you can arrive from 6.30pm. Parking is free after 5pm. Bring a fully charged laptop with working wifi if you'd like to follow the hands-on tutorial. A scroll-wheel mouse is recommended if your trackpad isn't good for scrolling/zooming. * image from: https://geoffboeing.com/2018/07/city-street-orientations-world/

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Python First Steps - A Hands-On Tutorial

AIR - Academy of Innovation & Research

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