Python First Steps - A Hands-On Tutorial

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A beginner-friendly hands-on introduction to coding with Python.


Python is one of the most popular and broadly used programming languages*. You'll find it at the heart of global-scale technology services and used by children to control small computers and robots.

Python has also become the de facto standard language for data science - used for data processing, analysis, machine learning, and visualisation.


This session is a hands-on introduction to Python.

No previous experience of Python, or any coding, is necessary. If you've never coded before, you're welcome to join us for a supportive and friendly session to learn with others also starting their journey.

We'll start at zero and work through the basics - using the python web-based notebook, variables, loops, functions .. and the moving onto useful things for data scientists - importing useful libraries, working with data frames, simple visualisation, saving and loading data.

Don't worry if none of these words mean anything yet!

By the end of the session you'll have written your own code, make a good start at reading and learning from existing Python code, be able to use the very vibrant ecosystem of libraries .. and gained the confidence to continue learning!


Bring a fully charged laptop with working wifi. There's no need to install any software as we'll work entirely on the web. You'll need a Google account.

If you don't want to create a Google account, you can install the Anaconda Python and use that - help will be provided.


We'll start at 7.00pm but you can arrive from 6.30pm. Car parking is free from 5pm.


* the Economist discusses the rise of Python: