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So many of us set our own hours, have flex hours, compressed work weeks, days off other than weekends, shorter work days, time off work, are students/teachers free in the afternoons, semi-retired, new in town, between jobs or not working, and would rather spend weekends chilling at home and/or with family.

Since we’re that fortunate to have the time to steal from life while it passes others by, why not mingle during the day such as over lunch, afternoon tea and such often missed venues that are better value early or simply not open at night?

Not to mention, why wait around until 7:00 PM (or 10:00 PM) for an event rather than snuggle up in bed early and be healthy? Get your dose of social life without pandering to late nights! Especially if you don’t need to live up to an image of a young professional or wanting to work hard and play harder.

I haven’t found any group/s that regularly meet in the afternoons and are not about business networking or women’s only groups. So, I’m starting my own. If there wasn’t a group for everyone, now there is! Please fill out your maximum availability as to weekdays/times in the member profile, and we’ll be sure to schedule as many events to fit what’s convenient for everyone!

Anyone who wants to go out and socialize with people is welcome. Singles are welcome, but generally speaking, this group is to casually meet people. Parents are welcome, but these events will typically be for adults. Come on your own or with your partner. Business owners are welcome; but no selling, pitching or business cards; take a break and just have some fun. Anyone is welcome, as long as you’re here for the right reasons; that you like getting out to be social.

Depending on the venue, I will likely cap the events to a modest size like 6 people so that everyone has a chance to get to know each other and no one feels left out. Members may be removed for misconduct and/or attendance issues including but not limited to non-participation or inability to participate in the group. Please be considerate and committed in respect of your RSVP.

Please actually attend if you RSVP Yes, and please don’t change to No after the RSVP deadline or within 56 hours of the event, whichever is earlier; or worse still, not show up at all. That’s common courtesy. The event will be officially cancelled if the RSVP count is below 4, which means the organizer or event host would cancel reservations if any at the venue, but anyone who still wants to meet up can do so. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to keep track of status changes such as from Waitlist to Yes and promptly update your RSVP in any eventuality. The event host might nonetheless ask that you reconfirm your spot by suitable means, to ensure you know you have reserved a spot and are committed to attending an upcoming event. In this case, you must respond confirming, or alternately relinquishing your spot. If you do not respond within 24 hours, you might be removed from that event, and not indicating your intention of not attending is not grounds for reinstating your attendance.

Members may be flagged NS YYMMDD or LBO YYMMDD where NS means No Show, LBO means Late Bail Out and YYMMDD represents the date of such occurrence, for:

– not showing up having RSVPed ‘YES’;
– changing your RSVP to ‘NO’ later than the RSVP deadline or a minimum of 56 hours prior to the event, whichever is earlier;
– not responding to a request for reconfirmation of your ‘YES’ RSVP.

Let’s have some fun! I welcome your suggestions for things to do. Send me a private message to give me ideas.

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Winterlicious ❄️ Lunch: Auberge du Pommier

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Japanese 🇯🇵 Lunch 🍤 🍥

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Ethiopian 🇪🇹 Lunch 🍛

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