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What we’re about

We are forming a drug and smoke free intentional eco-village community on 120 acres in the foothills of Mt. Hood - less than an hour from Portland. Of course focused on living a sustainable, environmentally conscious, connected to spirit lifestyle but perhaps more importantly, we aim to create a loving, nurturing home and seek emotionally mature members who are truly willing to do the emotional work it takes to be in community and are willing to contribute their time, talents and treasure. We meet in Portland to discuss Creating a Community from the Ground Up with the book Creating a Life Together, as well as many other resources.

During the summer we are out on the land building with cob, putting in permaculture features, HAVING FUN camping out while sharing our thoughts about community and getting to know each other. During the winter,  we occasionally head up to the land with a small project in mind, plant trees, and host  planning and get to know you meetings in town at Fiona's house. One gathering is a social event such as a potluck and movie on community or sustainability as well as discussion, the other is a business meeting to hash out more details on how to structure our community and create our vision.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and hearts with you and combining our strengths to make our new home as idyllic, sustainable, regenerative, and most importantly, as loving as possible.