What we're about

1. Are you into self improvement but feel weird about some of the "woo woo"?
2. Do you want to "find your tribe" without having to say that phrase?
3. Does the phrase "love and light" make you want to roll your eyes even though you're actively working to improve your mindset, life, and relationships?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then this group is for you! We're a group of women in our 30s in the DC area that are looking for deep, meaningful friendships with driven, intelligent women.

You should join if
- You have been working on personal growth through therapy, coaching, reading books like "You Are a Badass" by Jen Sincere, listening to podcasts like "Earn Your Happy" by Lori Harder, or some other means.
- You want friends that can "level up" with you.
- You can laugh at yourself.
- You aren't afraid to talk about real shit. In fact, you want to be able to talk openly and honestly about non-surface level stuff.
- You're not offended by cursing or adult topics.
- You're looking for deep friendships where you can support each other.

My intentions for this group are
- To have a group of women that are motivated and focused on shifting our mindsets
- To have deep, supportive relationships with likeminded women
- To create a book club so we can continue to learn together
- To have new best friends to have over for dinner, go out with, and experience life with

This group is NOT for you if
- You are fully bought into the "woo woo" of self development.
- You are offended by cursing or adult topics.
- You are not currently actively focusing on self improvement.
- You are not a woman in your 30s living in the DC area.

Past events (7)

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August Book Club: A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder

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