What we're about

How do you feel about Brexit... Excited, angry, worried or maybe you couldn't care less?

The purpose of this group is simple - to allow a space for everyone to have their feelings about the UK leaving the EU so that we can begin to mend the split between the camps; a unique opportunity to not only experience others in your community but to bring friends and even family whose views may differ from yours. This is not about agreeing but hearing, with the potential of understanding, to support moving forwards.

Why has this group formed?
We are experiencing incredible shifts in our identity as a nation and also in our economy. The action and choice to leave the EU has divided the nation and millions of people are trying to stop or stall the process. The government parties leading this nation are currently symbols of this split with in-fighting, disagreement and what feels like chaos in the ranks.

What will happen in this group?
This Meetup group is an opportunity for us to begin to heal the divide. Whether you chose 'leave' or 'remain' we are united in one cause - to help ourselves, our families, our communities and our nation to move forward. This is a therapeutic group led by a therapist (or group of therapists depending on numbers) to help you, personally, to come to terms with what Brexit and the current political and social-economic climate means to you and those around you. You will be invited to bring your excitement, fear, sadness, happiness, negativity, enthusiasm... Whatever emotion is brought will be welcomed, received by the group and processed if it feels stuck or unhelpful in your life.

"Bring that which you wish to understand so that it can be experienced, healed and by so doing create a space for transformation"

By working with our selves and our own splits a ripple affect will naturally take place in our homes and communities. The group will offer the opportunity we are so rarely given - the chance to have your presence felt and voice heard at a time when it may feel neither safe nor welcome.

This is not a political meetup group. It will not aim to convince you what to believe or choose. Your opinions will be welcomed but emphasis will be on processing how it feels for you at this time and how it is affecting you and the people around you. It is a space where your essence rather than your politics will be able to shine. Who runs this group?
Oliver James is a body led psychotherapist and movement instructor, certified in Core Energetics and part of Core London (a community of Core Energetic practitioners www.core-london.co.uk). Oliver is the organiser of the group and will be joined by other Core Energetic Practitioners to support the flow of the group.

Who can join the group? L
Anyone over the age of 18 (including people from Europe and around the world) who feel in some way affected by the decision of the U.K. to leave the EU. (The group also welcomes people of other countries who wish to bring their own experience of their countries current split or fracture)

How will sessions work?
Groups will start in September and will be held weekly in a London venue (to be decided). The format will be a group setting of no more than 20 people. Each individual will be invited to share how they feel at the beginning of the group. Some gentle body work will follow that will support each person to get familiarise themselves with the method and others in the group. Afterwards a few people will be supported to explore their feelings more fully. As the work is done, the group will naturally take part and be able to process their own needs as the themes that arise affect us all.

You will not be forced to do anything but encouraged to move and express yourself or observe where you may hold yourself back.

How does the technique work?
The body holds tension and stress but also our capacity for joy and pleasure. When we block parts of our selves we block our capacity to feel 'whole' and lose vitality and life energy in the process. You will be invited to follow your impulses, be creative, sit, stand, jump, shout, laugh and express your way to transforming you and the world around. To leave does not mean to withdraw or isolate. At this moment, one thing is certain - You get to choose how to respond to the changes around you.

Price: £10 per person

It can be a special experience to bring a friend, colleague or family member with you so we actively encourage it. It will be the same price of £10 for the two of you. You can indicate this when booking through the Meetup app)

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Uniting London after Brexit

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Uniting London after Brexit

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