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    Come socialize your beagles with other beagles and meet other beagle owners. We meet in several different areas in the DC metro area, most often inside the beltway. We ask members to contribute to the fees that charges us to maintain the DC Beagles website. The fee is small: $5 per member/family annually. If you do not wish to pay the annual fee you can join our private Facebook group to stay in touch: . What you will miss is the emails, reminders, and special events that require RSVPs that Meetup provides to members.

    Members must be an owner of a beagle or beagle mix living in the DC metro area. Non-aggressive beagles only. Please read and become familiar with our Doggie Ground Rules ( prior to requesting membership.

    Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at ( and Instagram at .

    If you wish to adopt a beagle or beagle mix, please contact BREW (, BRSM (, ( or your local animal shelter (see list ( There are lots of beagles and beagle mixes in need of homes, even puppies! Please be leery of breeders advertising beagles for sale on the internet (Craigslist, Facebook, any website!) or in pet stores. These beagles do not come from reputable breeders and you end up supporting backyard breeders or a puppy mill. Reputable breeders do not advertise on websites or sell their dogs in pet stores! If you must purchase from a breeder, the AKC offers a list of questions to ask a breeder to make sure you are dealing with a respectable one.

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