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Office Hours


This month's speakers: Mattew Makai: Twillio in Python apps.

This month's Sponsor: Danny Holloway of HumanGeo:
HumanGeo is a Big Data tech company, building systems that enable geospatial analysis and pattern detection in support of defense and intelligence agencies. The core of our technology stack includes: Python, Hadoop, ElasticSearch, NoSQL datastores, and most importantly passionate engineers.

This a series of Python Office Hours Meetups, which will happen monthly on the 4th Tuesday of every month. Attendance is free, and food and drink will be provided when we have sponsors.

For this reason, it is mandatory that you keep your RSVP up to date. The deadline for changing your mind will be one day before the event. If you RSVP Yes and don't show, you run the risk of being banned from this event.

We are looking for food/drink sponsors in exchange for five minutes of air time to announce your product/hiring/etc. Contact us for details.

This is a casual "geek gathering", where short & informal tech talks happen, and you can get help/advice on a project, and ask questions about anything tech related (Pythonic but not strictly Python). Anyone working with technology at any level (or anyone wanting to work with it) is welcome. Any tech question is welcome, and there is no such thing as a "dumb" question. We are ego-free and here to help.

There will be a mix of people and skills present, so feel free to bring your questions pertaining to system admin/dev ops, other languages, best practices, installation issues, etc.

We have use of a tiny conference room, and open space for questions. If you wish to give a short presentation (30 minutes or so) on a Python-related topic, please contact me off-list: aagg at comcast dot net.

Watch this announcement for upcoming scheduled talks at our office hours.

No recruiters or hiring managers allowed. No marketing allowed whatsoever, unless you are a sponsor (in that case you have five minutes of marketing time). Developers: play "spot the recruiter" and win a prize!

Thank you,


1203 19th Street NW 3rd Floor · Washington, DC